Monday, 31 March 2014

Getting to Know You....

Our March meeting was all about getting our Belles mingling and getting to know each other better.   The gals were all given a number when they came in which ascertained what side of the table they would sit on.  We would then every 5 mins or so blow a whistle and whichever side of the table the whistle referred to, they would move down the table a couple of seats so they would then be sitting opposite somebody new and get chatting to them.  

Whilst all the frivolity of musical chairs was going on, we also gave our Belles the task of creating their own name badge out of felt and glitzing them up in any way they chose to see fit. 


The Committee Gals gave ourselves the unenviable task of choosing the best name badge, which we almost immediately decided would have to become the top three as by 10 minutes after starting the badges it was clear that it was going to be tough to choose just one.  When the time came to the actual judging we realised it was completely impossible to choose just 3 and stuck to our guns for a top 5!  (Well we are ladies after all, it is our prerogative to make up the rules as we go along!)

Our Belles Fabulous Efforts

I have to say we have some ridiculously creative and talented ladies in our group and every badge was fabulous.   However after much deliberation we chose our Fab Five and they were…. Drum roll please……

 Bonnie, Caroline, Emma, Jill and Melanie !!!

Winners of the Top 5 Badges Accolade
Congratulations to our Top 5 and a very well done to everyone who took part creating gorgeous badges and making our task as judges extremely difficult. 

We of course had our Trade Table in attendance which this month was craft themed.  Remember if you would like to bring along something to sell (either for yourself or on a friends behalf) then please contact Rebecca London on   15% of profits go to the Group. 

Trade Table at March Meeting

Keep an eye out on the Meeting Dates Tab here on the blog and of course check our Facebook page for news of our next meeting.  Sadly Anya will no longer be able to host the frilly knickers workshop in April, but fear not - we at Belles HQ have got our heads together and come up with an equally fabulous activity for you so check back soon...

Until next time Belles, bye for now!


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