Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Annus Fabulous!

Our May meeting saw us host our first Annual Meeting, where we discussed the success of the previous year.  And whilst we had a very successful first year, we stressed the importance of ensuring we continue to get involved in hosting fund raising events for the oncoming year to keep the Group running with continued success.   Your committee has been squirrelling away on ideas and have got some great things planned so keep checking back here for updates…

WI Advisor, Joyce Gray, put forward the Resolution for this year, which was to get people talking about Organ Donation.  Following much discussion, we put it to the vote and our Group voted ‘No’ on this Resolution.  However the final vote for the Nation was passed as ‘Yes’ and this Resolution will be put forward.  For more information on this, please visit the NFWI website  http://www.thewi.org.uk/campaigns/current-campaigns-and-initiatives/time-to-talk   

 Voting took place to elect our Group President for the Year ahead and I am pleased to announce that Lia Nelissen was elected.   Due to the ever expanding popularity of the Group, we decided that there was a lot to take on for just 5 people on the committee, so it was decided to extend it to 8 people and we were delighted with the enthusiasm of our members to join us. 

Ladies may I introduce you to your New Committee for the year ahead;

President:  Lia Nelissen

Secretary:  Emma Golding

Treasurer:  Dawn Golding

Vice President & Blogger/Designer:  Dawn Elliott

Trade Table:  Rebecca London

And Introducing our sparkly new members….

Faye Huges: Events & Skills Co-ordinator

Emma Merrygold Cannon: Events & Information Gatherer

Tisa Msanide:  Communications

We also have on the team as a Co-option, Anya Pearce, who will be running our Twitter account and pulling together our Press Announcements when required.

Sadly, we are unable to bring you our Cocktail making class this month, however we will be bringing it back later in the year!  This month Faye will be demonstrating Arm and Finger knitting – although from the mimed demonstration we got at the committee meeting I think that Ninja-knitting may be a more apt name!  It looks like it should be a fun activity to get involved in, so please bring along some wool – the chunkier the better!!

Emma Golding will be demonstrating our second activity of Organza Flowers.  To take part in this one you will need to bring along a tea light and a plate – we will be working with open flames so make sure that any tassles or dangly sleeves are well out the way!

Please remember our fabulous Trade Table will be in attendance and this month has a Crafty theme to it, so if you have any craft items you would like to sell then please bring them along!  Remember that our Trade Table is open to everyone and you can bring along absolutely anything to sell, something you have made, something a friend has made, or even if you’re just having a bit of a clear out – its all welcome!  We just ask for a 15% donation to our Group of your takings on the evening. 

See you on Wednesday!

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