Friday, 20 May 2016

An oh sew lovely February

An oh sew lovely February

Needles at the ready, the Belles welcomed fellow WI-er Jane Cobley from Sandridge WI for an evening of chicken scratch embroidery.

Jane us a brief introduction and showed some beautiful examples before we got started. Chicken scratch embroidery, also known as Amish embroidery or depression lace, is a style of cross stitch usually sewn onto gingham. Chicken scratch is a technique that is believed to originate in the United States, becoming largely popular between the 1930's-1950's - hence the term 'depression lace'. It was used as a way of creating more expensive, lace-like appearance to cheaper gingham fabric that was more readily available to women during this period. It is characterised by three main types of hand-embroidery stitches: running stitches, cross-stitch and double cross-stitch. 

Beautiful examples
What we were aiming for

Despite the complicated looking pattern, it wasn't long before everyone was stitching away. The simple, but effective, design meant that even beginners could produce something very lovely in the space of an evening. Lots of members were inspired to go home and complete their designs and continue sewing after the meeting.

With breaks for cake and a craft themed lucky dip it was a very busy evening.

A few treats to keep us going 

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