Friday, 20 May 2016

Caravan Capers with Harvey's Gift

Caravan Capers

This Spring has seen Herts Belles get involved in one of our most exciting charity projects.
Work with the charity, Jungle Canopy, we set about renovating an unloved caravan and turning it into a home for a refugee family living in the Calais Jungle.

The caravan, named Harvey's Gift, took up residence in Vice-President Bec's driveway while we set to work. Unnecessary and unusable fixtures  such as the fridge and cooker were removed to create extra storage space and the toilet even became a toddler bedroom.

Harvey's Gift arrives
With the help of volunteers from Herts Belles, family and friends (even Jack the dog), local businesses and donations from local people and Freecycle, the caravan was decorated inside and out. Everything was refreshed, fixed and cleaned. The aim being to make the caravan as warm and dry as possible.

Before and after

Once the inside was completed with  new worktops, carpet and a seating area that could become beds we set about making the outside just as nice. And what does a caravan really need - yes, you've guessed it! Polka dots and bunting!

Belles get arty
The outside was finished off with Herts Belles and Jungle Canopy logos and the names of everyone who had made donations or contributed their time to the project. 

The finished caravan
After several weeks of hard work it was a very different caravan that set off on its journey across the English Channel to be come home for a refugee family and their children. Brimming with donations of bedding, clothes, and the precious commodity in the Jungle - baby wipes, our donations, no matter how small they seemed, will make a real and immediate difference to people living in appalling conditions.

Boarding the ferry
Arriving in Calais Jungle
Everyone involved was incredibly proud and news of the project featured in the local newspaper, the Hertfordshire WI newsletter and even in WI Life magazine.

May's WI Life magazine

Well done everybody!

if you would like find out more about Jungle Canopy and the work they are doing, or would like to get involved have a look at their website 

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